Lung Cancer Research Network Project Finalist at Sydney Research The Big Idea

We are pleased to announce that Jesse Xu was a finalist at Sydney Research's the Big Idea

The Big Idea is the first Sydney Research event focusing on research innovation and commercialisation and is an innovation challenge supporting individuals to progress their idea to the next level. Jesse Xu's Big Idea is to develop a 3D-printing platform technology that will revolutionise the way that airway stents are used in a clinical setting. This Big Idea forms one of the Core Translation Projects within the Lung Cancer Research Network.

The Challenge: Lung cancer patients often have to have an airway stent inserted post surgery to maintain lung structure and keep the airways open. However, unlike cardiovascular stents, which are highly advanced, there has been little change to airway stent design since 1965. Depending on their design, current stents dislodge easily, are coughed up, or get integrated into the surrounding tissue making removal almost impossible.

Revolutionising Airway Stents: Using a combination of image recognition and 3D-printing, Jesse is developing a platform that can produce personalised airway stents that are biocompatible and easily installed. Not only will this improve the quality of life for those who need airway stenting but it will also significantly reduce the burden on the health care system. Current stents are thousands of dollars. With an integrated 3D-printing platform in a surgery, the cost per stent can be reduced to cents.

About the Team: Jesse Xu is a first year PhD student at the University of Sydney and the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. Jesse's supervisory team are Dr Hui Xin Ong (Lecturer in Pharmacology, University of Sydney) Prof Paul Young (Head of Respiratory Technology, Woolcock) Dr Michael Byrom (Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) and Dr Jonathan Williamson (Respiratory Physician at Liverpool Hospital). Together they bring expertise to make this vision a reality. Jesse Xu's project are one of many that will be run from the new state-of-the-art Centre for Lung Cancer Research being constructed in Glebe, Sydney.

As a finalist, Jesse is now participating in the NSW Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program.

You can learn more about the NSW Medical Device Commercialisation Training program here, Sydney research here, the Woolcock here and the Lung Cancer Research Network here