LCRN Quarterly Newsletter

Dear Colleagues and Supporters,
Welcome to the May edition of the Lung Cancer Research Network quarterly newsletter. 

In this issue we have some exciting news as Professor Maija Kohonen-Corish, an esteemed cancer biologist joins us as the new Director of the Centre for Lung Cancer Research. Professor Kohonen-Corish's research expertise is in translational cancer biology and her personal interest in the microbiome will lead to improved therapies for patients undergoing treatment for lung cancer. Professor Kohonen-Corish will help direct and coordinate research across the Network and on behalf of all of us, we welcome you! Additionally, this month, we take a look at some of our early career investigators and how they are contributing to cutting edge research in lung cancer. 
As always, we encourage all members of the Network and our supporters to get involved. Through diversity and collaboration we can fast-track new discoveries and innovations that can provide earlier detection, better treatments and improved quality of life for those with lung cancer.

Professor Paul Young | Lung Cancer Research Network Coordinator